Sinto Chim SRL

Data Articol: 2016-07-25

From: Sinto Chim SRL
To whom it may concern


We are glad to issue this letter in order to confirm the effective work and support both Olga Oltean and Cristian Nicolae offered during the „Communication & Sales in Business" Program to our team.

Olga and Cristian delivered to all sales and marketing people in our company 40 hours of coaching&training and 60 hours of follow up & field coaching, for 4 months in a row, in 2013.

While working in our project, Olga and Cristian put together creative learning aproach and delivery,
demonstrating a true interest in understanding the context and the needs aligned with diversity of the participants and adapting to them. Their openness, resourcefullness and ability to see the project through, really made this program distinctive and successful one.

This Program brought to our team:

  1. a better understanding of each other
  2. a natural and efficient way to communicate inside and outside the company
  3. an increased understanding of our responsability as a team, with respect for each one's individuality new and fresh sales aproach with our loyal customers and new prospects
  4. an confident atitude about ourselves as a team, our products and our potential in today market

It was a big pleasure to work with Olga and Cristian as the Program was a big surprise in the way that it was naturally built to see how the team changed during these 4 months

The conclusion:...,,it was a piece of art"... and we plan to continue the collaboration in the future on different

levels. This is an indirect warm recommendation for them as partners in future coaching projects to any organization.

For any further information, I am pleased to share more.

Attila Koman

Commercial Director


Communication Design

Trans4motion Leadership

Coach TO Learn

Systemic Process Innovation