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Data Articol: 2016-07-24

To whom it may concern
It is our great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in support of Cristian Nicolae.

Since 2005 we had the opportunity to have Cristian involved in many of our projects, from different areas like automotive, leasing and building machinery. Among the most recent ones (2014-2015) we had partnership in:

•    Advanced Thinking internal project
•    Business Improvement project for a major leasing company, for agriculture and industry The goal of our internal project was to develop a new sales approach that best suited our organization's vision on the market and the targeted market segments.

While working in our project Cristian put together both theoretical and practical elements in a highly creative manner. He had presented case studies, real life examples and stressed out mistakes in communication sales people often did in their relationships with customers. All the way long, Cristian took great care of explaining the mental processes and their role in different purchase decisions people make: the way words, gestures and voice are evaluated and interpreted and effect purchase behaviours.

Regarding the project for the leasing company, one of the objectives was to identify the personal motivator of each member of the project team and to increase the overall performance of the team with 20%. Also, his coaching approach, during the whole project, helped people be more aware about their attitudes and behaviours and how to deal with it.

Of particular value while working together was Cristian's ability to interact so naturally with all members of the project team, displaying inquisitive fervour while inspiring cooperation and respect. Moreover, he demonstrated an advanced understanding of the sales process itself, openness, flexibility and the ability to find clever ways to overcome difficulties.

We know Cristian as an outstanding trainer and coach. We warmly recommend him to any company across industries.

Feel free to contact us. We are pleased to share more, anytime.

Advanced Thinking President

Cristian Matei


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